Alabanda Tourism brought together 5000 Nature Friends from 28 countries in Antalya!

The 12th Nature and Folk Sports (IVV) Olympiad, which was brought to Turkey by the efforts of the Turkish Federation of Environment and Nature Friends and Alabanda Tourism, was held in Antalya.

The International Folk Sports Association (IVV – InternationalerVolkssportVerband), headquartered in Germany, has a total of 3 million members. The “Nature and Folk Sports Olympiad”, which is traditionally the biggest organization and is held in a different country every two years, attracts a lot of attention.

Thousands of nature friends from all over the world came together in Antalya and engaged in environmentally beneficial activities while doing hiking, cycling and swimming sports on various predetermined tracks. In addition to the two main Olympic villages established in Antalya Glass Pyramid and Kemer Mustafa Ertuğrul Park, the starting and ending points were established in Kurşunlu Waterfall National Park and Lara Beach. Thousands of foreigners, who set out from the Olympic villages, were left alone with nature by walking in places that most Turkish citizens do not even know, or even have never stepped foot before. The main tracks where sports branches take place were Antalya-Kaleiçi-Fener Mah, Lara Urban Forest, Kurşunlu National Park, Kemer-Gedelme-İkiz Karataşlar regions.


Starting from 1989, the Netherlands, France, Greece, Finland, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia and Japan hosted the IVV Olympiad, which is organized every two years by the Union, which consists of 52 member countries, including Turkey. Antalya was a candidate for the 12th Nature and Folk Sports (IVV) Olympiad held in 2011, and it was unanimously accepted by the international committee that it shall be held in Turkey as a result of the promotional activities made by the Union and Alabanda.

At the closing ceremony of the organization held in Japan in 2009, the Turkish Flag was hoisted, our National Anthem was played, and the flag was delivered to Turkey and it was announced that Turkey would host IVV in 2011. Small Turkish flags carried by thousands of people from all nationalities, from seven to seventy, have been our source of pride.


The lighting of the Olympic torch for the first time from Antalya Olympos (Yanartaş) was accepted by the IVV center thanks to the initiatives of Alabanda Tourism General Manager Refik Kutluer. According to legends, Olympos in Antalya is the place where the starting fire of the first Olympics in history was lit. In his presentation at the opening ceremony, Refik Kutluer gave interesting examples about the mythological history of Anatolia and explained the evidence supporting that the Ancient Olympic Games were held in Anatolia for the first time. During the presentation full of many interesting topics from Zeus to Hercules, from the Legend of Yanartaş to the Ancient Theaters in the Antalya region; The IVV Olympic torch was lit from Antalya Olympos “Yanartaş”, and the athletes brought it to the Olympic village first in Kemer and then in Antalya Glass Pyramid, and the torches were lit together with the Governor of Antalya. Thus, the fact that the first Olympics were held in Anatolia was accepted by thousands of foreign participants and the world media.



In this organization, which contributed to the country’s tourism and economy, the participants were provided with transportation, accommodation, food and beverage services, tours and shopping opportunities.

Antalya’s magnificent sea, sand and sun trio as well as its historical beauties were revealed on the predetermined tracks where the said sports will be held.

With the tour programs offered before and after the organization, it was possible to visit and see not only Antalya but also other regions and cities.

Turkey and Turkish hospitality with its historical and natural beauties were introduced to all international environmental and nature friends, and contacts were established for them to return to Turkey in the future again..

The tracks prepared are designed to be permanent and appeal not only to the participants who were brought to our country for the 2011 Olympics, but also to a potential group of 3 million people who will come regularly in the coming years.