Our company, by realizing many firsts in the field of meeting and event management, provides professional service for your corporate events with its experienced staff.

Alabanda offers the most appropriate alternatives with its good relations with the relevant 3rd parties and by working devotedly for each meeting and event to provide an excellent service.

We always remain at your disposal to manage fast and safe service during planning, preparation and organization process. 

Our Service Areas

  • Meetings and Events of European Union Projects
  • National and International Sports Organizations
  • Meetings and Trainings of Public Institutions
  • Excursions and Dealers Meetings both in Turkey and Abroad
  • National and International M.I.C.E. Organizations

Alabanda is known to be the first company to organize an international congresses abroad.

The echoes of “Science and Ethics” meeting, which was held together with Nobel Prize Winner Prof. Robert Edwards in 2004 at London Royal Society, still continues. Moreover, Istanbul, Berlin and Paris legs of the same meeting were held by Alabanda in the following years with the same success.

Alabanda organized worldwide “Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Congress” at Queen Elizabeth Conference Center in 2005 with 1100 participation from all over the world. Besides, the celebration of “Two Million IVF and Thousands PGD Babies” had also been organized by Alabanda in London in the same year.

Our international organizations are proudly continues both in Turkey and abroad.


Our Services in Brief

  • Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Management
  • Management of Sponsorships
  • Management of Meeting Venue
  • Logistic and Infrastructure Management
  • Management of Transportation and Transfers
  • Registration and Accommodation Management
  • Management of Social and Cultural Activities
  • Media and Communication Management
  • Reporting

You can easily get these services through Alabanda both in Turkey and abroad.

Please contact us to find out all the support we can offer.

Also, being the member of LCC (Lufthansa City Center) for 15 years, we provide services abroad such as accommodation, transfer, car rental, train tickets, guidance and social events to our guests, through our international chain that consists of over 600 agencies in over 60 countries.

For more information, please visit our LCC page.