Alabanda by Numbers

Alabanda, one of the leading travel and event management companies of Turkey since 1985, carries on its important mission for 39 years with its 80 experienced specialists at meeting and event management, ticketing, tour operations, domestic & international hotel booking, car rental, transportation, and visa departments; all “integrated” in one company.

 The partners of Alabanda are MESA Group of Companies and A. Refik Kutluer.

As an A group travel agency and an active member of IATA, UFTAA, ICTA, LCC and TÜRSAB, Alabanda continues its activities with high-quality service and experienced staff emphasizing customer satisfaction.


Everything started 39 years ago with a dream. This dream was to lead Turkey’s tourism sector with our own understanding of quality, and to contribute to the further development of our country’s tourism, within the scope of our field, to reach the level high it deserves…

Because we were aware of the potential of our country. We were aware that Turkey is a tourism paradise with all its aspects, and deserves much higher levels in world tourism with its magnificently beautiful towns, wonderful facilities, infrastructure and manpower.

In order to realize this dream, continuous training of personnel at all levels, following and absorbing all innovations and being a pioneer in some of them, setting and implementing standards, always prioritizing customer satisfaction and working hard with patience were required. In this way, Alabanda began to be called a “school” in the sector and this gives us an indescribable pride.

The satisfaction expressed by all our customers is our success criterion.

We are happy to see that our corporate customers can plan and control all their travels within the framework of their company policies, thanks to the solutions we have developed.

Inspired by the name of an important Ancient Carian City, “Alabanda” we convey our experience to all our stakeholders and try to give direction and speed to the sector, as the maritime term “İskele Alabanda”  “speeding the ship to the target” reminds us.

Being aware that the real satisfactory peak is in the hearts of our customers, we know that the main thing is not to reach the top, but to stay there.

Alabanda continues its 39-years consistent development with these thoughts and is proud to be at the service of our valued customers and our country.

The leading company of the sector, Alabanda Tourism CO. Inc. has been accelerating its efforts for its customer’s satisfaction, since 39 years with the same determination, goodwill and persistence, combining its experience with its future vision.

The name Alabanda has two origins: First; It is a nautical term and means “to give the ship full speed in a certain direction”. The second is; The important Ancient City of Carian civilization “Ancient City of Alabanda”, our “namesake” in Aydın Çine. Within the scope of our mission to protect the cultural values ​​of Anatolia, we are proud of the ancient culture of Alabanda and we happily continue to cooperate with the local authorities for the excavation procedure.

At every stage of your travel and event organization, our team, at Alabanda’s offices in Ankara and now at the Esenboğa Airport – all having an amateur spirit but professionally equipped- will be with you.

Our 39 years of experience is your guarantee, your satisfaction is our happiness.
Hope to meet you in healthy days, happy trips and events.

A.Refik Kutluer, CTC, CTIE
General Manager
V. President of The Executive Board

Our Vision

Our vision is to be one step ahead of the expectations of our customers and to be able to make their travel and event organizations the best with keeping our pioneering role in different fields of tourism.

Our Mission

To understand the needs of our customers in the best way, Not to compromise our innovative approach besides reliability, Providing our services in the fastest and most effective way… While doing all these, our premium mission is to be the leading travel management company without compromising our moral values by keeping customer satisfaction above all.

To be Reachable 24/7/”365 Days”

To provide 24/7 “365 days” continued service to our passengers and always be reachable.

Keeping Passenger Safety and Hygiene precautions at the Top Level of importance

To prioritize the safe and hygienic travel of our passengers in all the services we offer.

Being Innovative and Solution-Oriented

To always provide a better service, be faster and have more alternatives to meet the demands of our passengers.

Ensuring Continuity

To ensure that our institutions benefit in the long term from our services that make a difference with the loyalty agreements we offer to our institutions.

Presenting a Professional Teamwork with an Amateur Spirit

We like to keep the unlimited service concept at the highest level in all our departments so that our passengers can reach the best. For this reason, our in its field professional team always keep their amateur spirit alive.

Our priority is a safe and healthy working environment!

We are working to increase employee productivity in order to have qualified manpower, to continuously improve this power and to provide the best service to our passengers. We maintain a liberal and fair management policy, protect the equality among our employees, and observe all the material and moral rights of the Alabanda family.

With our 38 years of experience, we always take it as a principle to be one step ahead by giving great importance to “employee loyalty” same as “customer loyalty”.

As an institution, we organize advanced trainings in order to have employees who have been educated in Alabanda, who have become experts by revealing new expansions in their field, and who have adopted the values ​​that the institution has added to their careers in order to be ready for higher duties in their career. Each new colleague in our team continues to improve his/herself in our school by increasing his/her competencies or uses the privileges of graduating from “Alabanda school” in every aspect of his/her live to be successful in new dimensions.

‘I am planning an innovative, development-oriented career goal.’ If you say so, you can send us your resume to join our team.

In the information you shall submit to our institution, please be sure that, sensitive personal data regarding security measures, biometric and genetic data like; race, ethnicity, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion, sect or other beliefs, dress code, association, foundation or union membership, health, data on sexual life, criminal conviction are not included.

  • Certified Travel Counselor (CTC)/ USA/ Refik Kutluer
  • Certified Travel Industry Executive (CTIE)/USA/Refik Kutluer
  • Turkish Travel Agencies Association Membership Document
  • IATA Membership Document
  • ISO Quality Management System
  • Psyco-technic Document (Renewed every 5 years)
  • SRC 1 Document

Alabanda is part of the SALES NETWORK Community, which includes leading companies from every sector. SALES NETWORK, to gather the entire sales world and the ecosystem that works closely with the sales world under one roof; It has been continuing its activities since 2016 to lead the transformation, development and strengthening of the sales function according to the changing needs of the 21st century. The mission of the Group is to increase the perceived value of the sales profession, to contribute to its branding, and thus to support the sales function to become a priority in the career choices of young people and women.

The community, which includes many social projects such as CSO Club, Women in Sales Network, Mentoring Program, is completing its preparations to become a global network by 2022. As Alabanda Tourism, we are happy to take part in this meaningful journey.

The aim of the CORPORATE AGENCIES PLATFORM, which is established by a group of agencies serving corporate customers and whose short name is KURAP, is to seek solutions to the problems that are in the agenda of corporate agencies, to be proactive, to try to see the future from today and to take the necessary steps accordingly.

At the same time, as one of its founding purposes, this platform aims to support the training of qualified personnel that is highly needed by the sector.

KURAP; consists of members who are corporate travel agencies with a certain background, reputable in the sector, working to meet all kinds of travel needs of public and/or private sector companies.

Member agents cannot use this platform for their corporate interests and must act in accordance with the basic trade ethics and rules. They perform their competition within ethical rules.

Member agencies cannot use working methods that may cast a shadow on the transparency and honesty of the platform. Agencies who operate unethically that may lead to unfair competition cannot be or remain members of this platform.

Personnel trainings should be done for increasing the quality of service and cannot be seen as a personnel resource. The competition of the platform members regarding new personnel also must continue within ethical rules.

How can I access my flight information?

Dear passengers, during your ticketing process, your reservation information is automatically sent to the e-mail address you have provided through the system. However, if your e-mail does not reach you or is deleted by mistake, you can send an e-mail to our ticketing department with information including your name, surname and flight date. At the same time, you can easily request your reservation document or ticket again through our call center. Our travel consultants will respond to your request asap.

How can I forward my invoice request to you?

After your purchase, your invoices are sent to you automatically.

If you need to view your invoices again, you can send an e-mail to our accounting department. In the content of the e-mail, it will be sufficient to write your invoice subject (air ticket, accommodation, etc.) and the flight-accommodation information of the person of whom you request the invoice for. For flights, basic information such as the ticket number, passenger name-surname, flight date and route must be specified, and for accommodation, the accommodation date and the name-surname of the host must be specified.

Through which channel should we conduct cooperation negotiations for corporate agreements?

Alabanda offers exclusive services to institutions and organizations through corporate collaborations. With the corporate agreements you will make with our company, you can have special advantages for your institution/company at our services such as flight tickets, accommodation, corporate events, corporate travel management system and transfers. For detailed information and a pre-interview request, you can send your company information, tax number, annual flight ticket or accommodation purchase volume and descriptive information of your institution’s travel principles, such as the number of employees, to our sales department.

(!) We would like to remind you that you can reach us via our call center for your pre-interview and appointment requests.

How can I ensure my transfers?

Our transfer transactions are specially planned for the contracted institutions and our individual passengers. During your purchase, your transfer information is transferred to you by your travel consultant. After your transfer has been approved, you will be contacted via the contact number you provided between 17:00 and 21:00 the day before your flight date, and you will be informed about your transfer time.

In case of cancellation or change, you must submit your request within the last 24 hours. For all your transfer transactions, you can send an e-mail to our transfer department or call your travel advisor for information.

What documents do we need to prepare for visa application?

With the help of Alabanda’s visa department, you can easily carry out your visa procedures for all countries of the world. Factors such as the country you will travel to, the duration of your stay, the purpose of your trip and your professional status determine the documents you need to prepare. For this reason, in order to provide you with necessary detailed information, you need to let us know your travel plan and professional status. For more information on the subject, you can call us 24/7 or send us an e-mail to reach our visa department.

What should I do to get comprehensive travel health insurance?

Travel health insurance is among the mandatory documents required for visa procedures. If you do not have travel health insurance, you can easily purchase it from Alabanda. Travel health insurance service will be provided to you with the best price offers, based on basic information such as the country you are going to, the duration of your stay and the purpose of your visit.

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